Natural gas is the preferred choice for commercial cooking
because of its versatility and control.

Demonstration Center

Southwest Gas has created state-of-the-art demonstration centers for the foodservice industry, featuring the newest natural gas cooking equipment. Chefs, caterers, and restaurant general managers have visited the Foodservice Demonstration Centers in Las Vegas and Phoenix for a hands-on experience. During a visit to the Demonstration Center, you'll have the chance to 'test drive' equipment from a variety of manufacturers before making any purchases. 


Las Vegas & Phoenix: Each facility features 1,000 square feet of indoor floor space with 20 feet of ventilation hood; and an outdoor showcase area with patio heaters, fire pit, and free-standing outdoor fireplace. 

Southwest Gas - Las Vegas

6355 Shatz Street
Las Vegas, NV 89115
Michael Favela

Southwest Gas - Phoenix

1600 E. Northern Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Michael Favela

A Partner For Your Next Best Recipe

Foodservice Demo Center Dom DeMarcos
We are proud to be featured with other natural gas utilities in the March 2017 Issue of AGA's American Gas alongside owner Al Scalleat and Chef Renieri Caceres of Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria & Bar in Las Vegas Nevada.
As part of the services we offer our commercial foodservice customers, our trade partnership specialists helped Dom DeMarco's find the best combination of equipment that highlighted their recipes for mouth-watering pizzas.
Read the full article in American Gas - March 2017 or check out the video.

Natural Gas in the Commercial Foodservice Industry

Your kitchen operates for hours a day, so make sure those hours are used efficiently. Upgraded natural gas appliances are modern and economical, giving you the chance to increase your bottom line, save money on energy bills, and produce a greater output, while using less fuel.


Natural gas - The preferred energy choice of professional chefs

Increase performance and lower energy costs with reliable, modern, and efficient natural gas equipment. [4:30]

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Resources for Foodservice Industry

The Gas Foodservice Equipment Network (GFEN) is an international alliance of utilities, foodservice equipment manufacturers, gas industry associations, and foodservice trade allies organized to be a source of gas solutions for the commercial foodservice segment.

The  Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) is an accredited commercial kitchen, energy efficiency, and appliance performance testing facility.

The  American Gas Association (AGA) represents 195 energy utility companies that deliver natural gas to more than 56 million homes, businesses, and industries throughout the United States.

The Blue Flame Alliance is a consortium of utilities, foodservice equipment manufacturers, gas industry leaders, national accounts, cooking professionals, and trade allies all organized to be a resource of gas solutions for the commercial segment. 

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Confidence for Professional Chefs

Sizzling steaks, sautéed vegetables, golden-crusted pies. Natural gas has been the top choice for commercial cooking requirements for years. As a flexible energy source, natural gas is also the economical and efficient choice. 

Chefs prefer natural gas for:

  • Flexible cooking times and more precise temperature control
  • Reduced energy costs and increased profitability
  • Ability to prepare larger amounts of food in a shorter time
  • Greener choice for the environment

Commercial Rebates

Foodservice Image Commercial Rebates mention
Southwest Gas can help you save money while reducing your carbon footprint. Start saving today on qualified energy-efficient appliances and equipment.

Precise Control

Time and time again, professional chefs stand by the superior benefits of cooking with natural gas. They cite their ability to see and control the fluctuation in heat, as well as prepare varying amounts of food in shorter times depending on the equipment and usage of temperature.


Natural gas equipment can reduce your energy consumption regardless of the size of your commercial kitchen or outdoor natural gas grill area. Increased efficiency leads to higher production and reduced energy costs, which helps increase your profitability.


Natural gas is affordable, offering lower operating costs and reducing electric demand charges. Cooking with natural gas is simply cheaper compared to electricity. Compare natural gas versus electric rates for foodservice operations. 

Commercial Rebates

Southwest Gas can help you save money while reducing your carbon footprint. Start saving today on qualified energy-efficient appliances and equipment.

Contributing to continued success and growth

Read about how we helped Oregano's Pizza Bistro, a regional chain restaurant, with key decisions that helped contribute to their continued success and growth.

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