Energy Efficient Homes

Energy efficient homes offer lower utility bills, increased comfort and a more environmentally friendly home.

High quality homes that help you save.

Energy efficient homes are meant to withstand the test of time. From insulation to installation, every nook and cranny of a home is built to a higher standard. Features drive these energy-smart homes, making it more appealing to buyers and the environmentally-conscious. Take a look, and see for yourself.

Reduce Leaks & Drafts

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Energy efficient windows feature protective coatings and improved frames to help keep heat in during the winter, and cool air in throughout the summer.  

More Consistent Temperatures

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Technologically advanced heating and cooling systems are quieter, reduce indoor humidity and use less energy to operate. 

Better Durability

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Homes built with energy efficiency in mind are subject to a higher level of verification, which translates into an improved quality of living, energy efficiency, and durability.

Improved Indoor Air

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A properly sealed home is a healthy home. A tightly constructed home reduces drafts, moisture, dust, pollen, and noise for a healthier living space.

Peace of Mind

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Energy efficient homes are set apart from standard market homes in levels of quality, comfort, and savings. Trained and certified professionals perform independent inspections and testing, so you can rest easy knowing things were done right.

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Save Money

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Compared with standard homes, energy efficient homes use substantially less energy for heating, cooling and water heating. These reduced costs save homeowners an average of $200 - $400 on annual utility bills.

Explore the Interactive Energy Efficient Home

Experience the difference of a home with natural gas appliances and features, designed with comfortable living in mind. 
To find out more about how to incorporate natural gas products into your living spaces, get inspiration  check out our natural gas products page.

Natural Gas Products

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Indoors and out, natural gas has you covered. Providing comfort and added value to your home, natural gas products are also the greener choice, as they are three times more energy efficient than electric-powered appliances. 

Energy Saving Tips

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Put the power of savings into your own hands. Small things can make the biggest difference, especially when it comes to conserving our natural resources.

Residential Rebates

Residential Rebates CTA
Save money when you use high-efficiency natural gas appliances. Get rebates on qualified appliances and equipment in your area.